How can I check my Citibank credit card application status?

Check Citi Credit Card Application Status By Telephone To check your Citibank credit card application status call 1-888-201-4523 (personal cards) or 1-800-645-7240 (business cards) and enter your social security number to check your status through the automated telephone system.

How long does it take Citibank to approve a credit card?

Once your application is approved, you will receive your card within 14 days. You might also receive an email stating that your card will arrive in 7 to 10 days.

How do I check my credit card application status?

The easiest way to check your application status for a Credit One credit card is online. Enter your Social Security number and last name into the company's application status page to see where you stand. You can also call Credit One at 800-752-5493.

What credit score do you need for Citibank credit card?

Citibank Credit Score Requirements to Obtain a Credit Card. Credit scores are three-digit numbers, typically running from 300 to 850, that indicate one's level of debt. When opting for a new credit card, one's credit score will be kept in mind during the approval process.

What is the most expensive credit card to have?

Our list of the most expensive credit cards starts with the famed American Express Black Card. The true name for this card is the Centurion Card.

Do rich people use credit cards?

On the surface, the rich appear to have little use for credit cards Opens a New Window. . After all, they have plenty of cash, and it's probably accessible through a debit card that can be used anywhere a credit card can. But for a variety of reasons, some wealthy consumers turn to their credit cards on a daily basis.

What is the best luxury credit card?

The Best Luxury Credit Cards (You Can Actually Apply For)Best Luxury Credit Cards.Platinum Card from American Express.Chase Sapphire Reserve.American Express Gold Card.Citi/AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard.Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card.Citi Prestige Credit Card.Summary of the Best Luxury Credit Cards.Sep 12, 2019The Best Luxury Credit Cards (You Can Actually Apply For) -https://www.johnnyjet.com › best-luxury-credit-cards

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Apply for Citi Chairman Credit Card | Check Application Status

Citi Chairman Credit Card Logo

It is very easy to apply for the Citi Chairman Card using the online application portal of the Citi Bank. The annual fee for the card is 0 and you can earn bonus points for every dollar spent. Shopping through the card you can earn up to 5% cash back and two turbo points on purchasing grocery worth 0. It is an advantageous credit card with a broad array of travel benefits that include car rental insurance, travel assistance, and accident insurances.

Benefits of the Citi Chairman Card

  • Cash back on purchases worth 0
  • Airport Lounge
  • 1 reward point for 1 dollar spent through the card

Customers who desire to avail the benefits of the Citi Chairman Credit Card must enroll for the card using the online portal. You just need to provide the requested information in the enrollment page and then easily submit it online. If you have made up your mind to apply for the Citi Chairman Credit Card we are here to assist you through the guidelines provided below.


In order to complete the enrollment, the user must meet the following requirements.

  • You must have completed at least 18 years of age
  • Be a resident of the United States
  • Should have a clear credit record
  • Have a government issued photo ID

How to Enroll

Step 1– To begin the enrollment visit the enrollment homepage (online.citibank.co.in) of the Citi Chairman. Once you reach the web page scroll down till you find the contact details form.

Citi Chairman Card Application

Step 2– Next the user should provide the requested details in the blank spaces below and then select your preferred mailing address.

Apply for Citi Chairman Card

Step 3– Check the boxes below if you have read the Authorization Statement know Your Credit Card, Card Member Terms and conditions and Most Important Terms and conditions and fully accept it.

Step 4– Check the box if you agree to use e-statements and finally press “Submit” to complete the process.
Citi Chairman Card Enroll

Check Application Status

To check your application status the user needs to contact the bank at the customer service and then provide their application reference number to receive the status report.

How to Cancel Credit Card

If you are wishing to cancel or close your credit card account then you should call at 1-888-201-4523 and then interact with the IVR.

Contact Details

  1. Check Application Status: 1-888-201-4523
  2. Report a Lost or Stolen Credit Card: 1-800-950-5114. Customer Service
  3. Mailing Address: PO Box 6500, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6500