How do I check the status of my Barclaycard application?

If you want to check the status of a pending credit card application with Barclays, all you have to do is click the link below. Easy. You can also check the status of your application by calling Barclays at 1-888-232-0780.

How long does Barclaycard take to approve?

7 - 14 daysOnce we have received the documentation, your Barclaycard will be sent to you in the post within 7 - 14 days.

How do I check the status of my target red card application?

Target Credit Card Application Status To check on the status of your application, call 800-424-6888.

What credit score do you need to get a Barclaycard?

In the strictest sense, it's a FICO score between 650 and 699. That's really just a guideline, though. And since the market has loosened up a good bit, you might get approved with a score a little below 650.

What credit score is needed for a JetBlue card?

The JetBlue credit card requires a good to excellent credit score to qualify for a card. That means you'll need a score of at least 700 for the standard JetBlue credit card. A credit score of 750+ will give you a good chance of being approved for the JetBlue Plus card.

How do I activate my Jet Blue card?

You can activate a Barclays credit card in two ways:Online at barclaycardus.com/activate.Call 1-877-408-8866.May 28, 2019How to Activate Your Credit Card: Step By Step Instructions by Issuerhttps://www.creditcardinsider.com › blog › how-to-activate-a-credit-card-ste...

What is the JetBlue card?

The JetBlue Plus Card is an airline rewards card for frequent flyers of JetBlue Airways. With this card, you will earn six points per dollar on JetBlue purchases, two points per dollar at restaurants and grocery stores, and one point per dollar on all other purchases.

Is the JetBlue card worth it?

Between the free checked baggage benefits, airline credit, and anniversary bonus, the JetBlue Plus Card is well worth, despite the high annual fee. ... Generally speaking, if you spend at least 0 on JetBlue purchases per year, the JetBlue Plus Card is the one to get.

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Apply for JetBlue Credit Card | Check Application Status

JetBlue Credit Card Logo

JetBlue Credit Card facilitates its willing customers with an online application portal so as to ease the enroll process for a new credit card. The credit card is serviced by the Barclaycard for the JetBlue Airlines. Using the credit card for purchasing JetBlue flight tickets you can earn TrueBlue points and avail exclusive discounts offers.

Benefits of the JetBlue Credit Card

  • 3% Balance Transfer Fee
  • Easily redeemable TrueBlue points which can be shared among your family and friends
  • No Foreign Transaction Fee
  • You can earn 30,000 bonus points on making purchases worth ,000 in the first 3 months of activating the card.
  • Get 10% of your points back on your next redemption

Using the online application portal of the JetBlue Credit Card is easy, just follow the steps mentioned below and have a great time enjoy the enhanced credit services. We have also mentioned guidelines through which you can check your application status and cancel a credit card.


For issuing the JetBlue Credit Card from the bank a customer needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  • He/she must be a resident of the United States with a valid US Social Security number.
  • Last but not the least the applicant should have a clear credit record.

How to apply for JetBlue Credit Card

Step 1: To enroll, visit the JetBlue Credit Card homepage (myjetbluemastercard.com) and press the ‘Apply’ option located below the credit card or at the top right of the screen.

jetBlue Credit Card Application

Step 2: On the next screen you will find an application form where you have to enter your personal and financial information.

Required fields:

  • First/ Middle/ Last name of the applicant
  • Permanent Address and years of stay at the address
  • City and State
  • Zip Code
  • Occupation
  • Total Annual Income
  • Card Delivery type

Apply for jetBlue Credit Card

Step 3: Now, scroll below and fill your contact and security information in the respective spaces.

Required fields

  • Primary and Work Phone Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Citizenship
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Mother’s Maiden Number

jetBlue Credit Card Enroll

Step 4: After you have provided all the above details give the Truebalance Number and then read the terms and conditions of the card. Once you are comfortable with all the terms press ‘Apply’ at the end of the application form to finish the procedure.

JetBlue Credit Card Signup

Check Application Status

To check application status, contact the JetBlue Credit Card customer service at the number provided below.

Cancel Credit Card

If the user wants to cancel the credit card for any reason, he has to call the Customer service of JetBlue Credit Card and request them to cancel his card by providing all the asked information.

Customer Service

  • Call- 1-801-449-2525
  • Contact Link