How To Apply Online For Capital One Credit Cards, Create Account At and Get Reservation Number

Capital One credit cards apply online

All the details on your payments and current balances will be available. All you need — Capital One credit cards apply online and profile registration. In case you decided to apply online for the Capital One Credit card, you should be ready to provide basic information about yourself. The process of creation of your online account will take just a few minutes. Though if you need a hand in the registration of the online profile or have questions about re-registration, please contact Capital One online support team. They will assist you to go through the whole process of getting the card and will help to apply online.

Everybody who is using the services of the One Capital Credit Bank can be assured that their funds are kept safe since the bank is the member of FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which ensures the protection of deposits. In case any bank insured by FDIC turns out to be bankrupt and cannot perform the payouts, FDIC will take care to return funds which were kept in that particular bank.

What is reservation number and what you need to apply

After you apply online to the Capital One Credit Card your profile will be reviewed and provided all the information is filled in correctly, approved. You will get 16-digit reservation number and 6-digit code. Apply online for the Capital One credit cards within few clicks.

The status of your online request can be checked at the Capital One website You can see if the credit card has been approved or declined or is still being processed. Both categories of credit cards – business and personal ones will have to be reviewed and approved.

Certain restrictions to apply for the credit cards online are set for the Capital One clients. A person who is willing to open the account and get the credit cards should be 18 years and be a US resident.

In order to have your request processed quickly and not to waste time, you can apply for the credit card online. Make sure you fill in the online form correctly and provide all the information with the Capital One Bank.

Capital One credit cards apply online: few steps

  1. Go to the official website of the Capital One Bank;
  2. Complete the online form — enter 16-digits reservation number and the 6-digits code;
  3. Select “Get Started” to complete your application. reservation number

16-digits reservation number and the 6-digits access code

No reservation number received – steps to proceed with the application

As soon as your online application for a credit card has been approved you should get the card. But it may happen that for some reason your account has not been accepted. Do not worry, you can apply one more time. In this case, you will be asked to send some additional information about your income for a certain period of time, previous credit history and accept credit score valuations. The Experts of the bank will perform pre-screening and you will be informed of the status of your credit card request.

In case you need to know about the status of your credit card urgently, you can also call Capital One support number and check with them all the issues. One more option to find out what is the status of your request is to visit to find out about your reservation number. The Capital One Bank issues Venture Cards, Quicksilver Cards, Spark Cash cards, etc.

The Bank allows to apply for the second time to get a credit card in case your first request has not been approved. Visit FindMyCard on the website of Capital One and apply online, provide your date of birth, full name, and address of residence.

Check the best credit cards of the Capital One: login to

Quicksilver, Venture, Spark Cash Credit Cards

Credit cards type, which you select at the moment when you apply, should correspond to your needs and style of life. Taking into account that each person has different needs in terms of payment options, several card types are offered to the customers by Capital One with fair rates:

  1. Quicksilver cards – this is a great opportunity for those who make a lot of purchases with the credit card. The benefit of this type of the card is 1.5% which is added each time the owner of the card performs payment. Another advantage of Quicksilver cards for the owners is the opportunity to win 0 cash prize. A customer is eligible for taking a challenge for this reward when the amount of total payments in “my account” with the card exceeds 0 during the first three months from the date of the opening.

  2. Travelers have great option offered by the Capital One – Venture cards. If you are traveling a lot and paying with the credit card you can accumulate 1.25 miles for each purchase. If you spend more then 00 during the first 30 days after the date your account was open you can receive these bonuses. The average of 20000bonus miles is credited to the holders of Venture Cards. All the updated information can be checked online, you need just to log in using your credentials.

  3. With Spark Cash Capital One clients can get 2% cash back, in case you are a business member. Also, you will have a chance to win a reward in the amount of 0 when you sign up for this type of the card.

Advantages of Platinum Card

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

  • No annual fee;
  • Fraud coverage;
  • Free access any time 24/7;
  • A higher level of the credit line (in the period of 5 months, given you paid your regular payments on time).

Apply online for other types of credit cards of the Capital One

  • Citi;
  • Discover;
  • American Express.

When completing the online form, you can select the type of the card you want to order. Click on “Apply” button to make your selection.

About Capital One: phone number, mailing address

Capital One is a financial company, specializing in services on credit cards, loans, debts, etc.

In case you need more information on your credit card, or reservation number, or the code, feel free to call:

1 877 383 4802 (US) or 1 800 227 48 25.

The address of the Capital One Headquarters is:

1680 Capital One Dr

MnLean, VA 22102

(703) 448 3747

Most updated information about the offers, the credit cards and how to apply online in EN or Español is at the website